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昨晚人民网发文报道称,有家长发现孩子沉迷《新开传奇sf网站绝地求生》,但其中并没有防沉迷系统。也有家长发现国外服务器外挂特别严重。专家表示:“海外游戏中国本地化势在必行,这既包括符合国情的改造,也包括纳入到国内相关监管、规则体系内”。Last night, the people's network reported that some parents found their children obsessed with "Jedi survival", but they did not prevent the addict system. There are also parents who have found that foreign servers are particularly serious. Experts said: "localization of overseas games in China is imperative. This includes both the transformation that is in line with the national conditions, including the regulation and rules system in China".




随着寒假的到来,家长们发现,一直替代自己管理孩子玩游戏的防沉迷系统“失效”了:在一款名为《新开传奇sf网站绝地求生》的风靡游戏中,用户可以轻易登陆国外服务器,而国外并没有类似设置。With the advent of winter vacation, parents found that they had failed to play a role in preventing their addiction from playing games. In a popular game called Jedi survival, users could easily log on to foreign servers, but there was no similar setup in other countries.

专家表示,海外游戏中国本地化势在必行,“这既包括符合国情的改造,也包括纳入到国内相关监管、规则体系内”,应尽快利用新时代中国特色社会主义价值观,道德观,审美趣味,对海外游戏进行必要的改造、优化,以适应国情,为广大用户提供更加健康、积极的精神文化产品。Experts said that the overseas game China localization is imperative, "it includes not only the transformation in line with national conditions, but also into the domestic regulatory rules, within the system, should as soon as possible using the concept of value, Chinese socialist new era of moral values, aesthetic taste, necessary to transform the overseas game optimization, in order to adapt to the situation, provide more healthy and positive spirit of cultural products for the majority of users.

《新开传奇sf网站绝地求生》是一款2017年3月上线的多人战术竞技类游戏,截至今年1月,其全球总销量已超过3000万份,成为历史上销量最高的PC游戏。这中间也少不了中国游戏者的参与,根据官方数据,有64%的玩家使用中文操作系统。Jedi survival is a multi player tactical game launched in March 2017. As of January this year, its total sales volume has exceeded 30 million copies. It has become the highest selling PC game in history. In the middle, Chinese players are not involved. According to official data, 64% of the players use the Chinese operating system.


进入寒假,问题也随之而来。由于很多游戏没有引进正版,服务器没有实现本地化,很多青少年在登录境外服务器后,既难有效防沉迷,也很容易接触到大量不良信息。When you enter the winter vacation, the problem comes along. Due to the fact that many games haven't been licensed, the server has not been localized. Many teenagers are not able to resist addiction and access to a lot of bad information after logging in to overseas servers.

记者从北京市几位初中教师处了解到,寒假开始后“家长群”里都在讨论《新开传奇sf网站绝地求生》,“过去玩游戏可以受到防沉迷系统的约束,家长也可以限制学生的游戏时间。但是现在这个游戏不在防沉迷系统里,家长上班后学生仍可以玩。”The reporter learned from several junior middle school teachers in Beijing that the "Jedi survival" is being discussed in the "parents' group after the winter vacation". "In the past, playing games could be restrained by the system of addiction prevention, and parents could also restrict students' playing time. But now the game is not in the anti - addiction system, and the parents can still play after their work. "

近年来,主管部门不断强化保护未成年人合法权益,指导企业完善游戏防沉迷机制。经过努力,一方面是在主管部门的要求和积极推动下,防沉迷系统广泛应用;另一方面,国内游戏公司也根据规定对于游戏内的聊天、对话等进行了处理,基本解决了以网络游戏作为渠道传递有害信息的问题。由此,我国已经初步建立了严格的网络游戏监管制度。In recent years, the competent authorities have continuously strengthened the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of minors, and instructed enterprises to improve the mechanism of game prevention. Through the efforts, on the one hand, the requirements of the competent departments and actively promote, widely used anti addiction system; on the other hand, the domestic game companies according to the provisions for the in-game chat and dialogue were processed, the basic solution to the network game as a channel to transmit harmful information problems. As a result, China has initially established a strict supervision system for online games.

比如,在腾讯一些游戏的防沉迷系统中,不超过12周岁的用户在晚上9点至翌日8点之间不能进行游戏;白天累计登录游戏时长1个小时,也将被强制下线,当日不能再登录。此外,家长也可以掌控孩子游戏登录和消费的信息。For example, in Tencent's anti addicting system of some games, no more than 12 years old users can't play games between 9 o'clock in the evening and 8 o'clock next day. During the day, the total login time is 1 hours, and it will also be forced to go offline. In addition, parents can also control the information of children's game logging and consumption.

家长孙先生告诉记者,他发现国外服务器里外挂特别严重,“没有公平竞争,孩子就是想要买外挂,不用瞄准就打败对方了。我想这对于正在成长中的孩子的影响,是非常大的。”Mr. Sun told reporters that he found that the server in foreign countries is particularly serious. "No fair competition, children want to buy plug-ins, do not aim to beat the other party. I think the impact of this on the growing children is very big. "


张先生也发现,在《新开传奇sf网站绝地求生》中除了有很多暴力、血腥画面,许多玩家也不断“爆粗口”进行互相辱骂。而在他经常玩的国内游戏中,这些情况或者被改造、或者被屏蔽,“不应该让孩子接触,应该尽快将它按照国内的习惯和要求进行改造。”Mr. Zhang also found that in the "Jedi survival" in addition to a lot of violence, bloody pictures, many players are constantly "explosive" to carry on mutual abuse. In the domestic games that he often plays, these situations are either altered or shielded. "Children should not be allowed to contact. They should be transformed according to their domestic habits and requirements as soon as possible."

除了一般用户,类似情况在网吧也非常严重。根据中国互联网上网服务行业协会发布至2017年第三季度的报告,《新开传奇sf网站绝地求生》在2017年前三季度都是网吧热门游戏。但一些媒体报道披露,在一些网吧游戏外挂严重,引发玩家的进一步模仿、购买外挂。此外,由于国外服务器基本不存在监管,涉黄、涉暴等有害信息泛滥,对网吧用户产生了较大的负面影响。近日,甚至发生了外挂玩家在著名直播平台约战、直播外挂大战,并进行外挂推销的情况。In addition to the general user, the similar situation is also very serious in the Internet cafe. According to the China Internet Internet Service Industry Association's release to the third quarter 2017 report, Jedi survival is the most popular Internet bar game in the first three quarters of 2017. But some media reports reveal that some Internet cafe games are hanging out seriously, causing players to further imitate and buy outside. In addition, because the foreign server basically does not exist supervision, yellow, violence and other harmful information overflow, the Internet cafe users have a larger negative impact. Recently, even the plug-in game player in the famous Yuezhan live broadcast platform, plug-in war, and sell the plug-in.

记者调查发现,类似情况不仅存在于《新开传奇sf网站绝地求生》。由于跨境支付的日益便利,外国大牌游戏发布后很快就可以在国内买到,甚至可以在国内进行预约。A reporter found a similar situation not only in the "Jedi survival". Because of the increasing convenience of cross-border payment, foreign big games can be bought at home soon after they are released, and can even make reservations at home.

对于由此引发的问题,专家解释,主要是因为游戏未正式引进国内,国内已经广泛使用的反沉迷系统、反外挂系统都是与游戏服务器相结合,无法在国外服务器上应用。For those problems, the expert explanation is mainly due to the fact that the game is not officially introduced into China, and the widely used anti addicting system and anti plug-in system are combined with the game server, which can not be applied on foreign servers.

业内也认为,互联网时代,更好解决网络互通带来的挑战,应创新机制,尽快将相关网络文化产品纳入国内的监管和管理体系。而具体到网络游戏,最佳路径之一,就是尽快通过引进符合中国国情的正版游戏,建设监管指导下的国内服务器。The industry also believes that in the Internet era, we need to innovate mechanisms to better solve the challenges brought by network interchanges, and integrate relevant network and cultural products as soon as possible into the domestic regulatory and management system. And one of the best ways to get to online games is to build up the domestic servers that are in line with China's national conditions as soon as possible, and to build domestic servers under supervision.

“对进口游戏的内容审查我们是有一套体系的,是以内容为标准的。对真正的文化遗产,优秀的文明我们要吸收;不符合我们国情的,和我们价值观有很大冲突的,我们要处理,这个我们是能控制住的。”清华大学新闻与传播学院副院长、文化部文化产业专家委员会委员熊澄宇表示,引进游戏后对不符合的内容进行一些技术处理和内容处理,新开传奇sf网站使其符合标准也是可以的,这与进口电影的情况类似。"We have a system of review of the content of import games, which is based on content. We must absorb the real cultural heritage, the excellent civilization, do not conform to our national conditions and have great conflicts with our values. We have to deal with this, so we can control it. Vice president, Tsinghua University School of Journalism and communication, the Ministry of culture industry expert committee member Xiong Chengyu said that the introduction of the game after some technical process and content processing do not conform to the contents of the standard is also possible, and this situation is similar to imported films.