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Wouldn't you be excited and willing to pay for your favorite game characters in front of you in Block New Year paintings or ceramic and purple sand products? With the arrival of the "cultural and Natural Heritage Day" in June 10th, cultural relics departments and cultural relics departments all over the country are actively carrying out various kinds of celebrations. In fact, in addition to the cultural relics departments and cultural relics units, many cultural enterprises have also maintained a high degree of attention to the development, utilization and protection of cultural heritage.如果你喜爱的游戏人物以木版年画或者陶瓷、紫砂制品的形式呈现在你的面前,你会不会感到兴奋并愿意为此付费?随着6月10日“文化和自然遗产日”的到来,各地文物部门、文博单位都在积极开展各类庆祝活动。其实,除了文物部门和文博单位之外,很多文化企业也一直对文化遗产的开发、利用和保护保持着高度的关注。

"Moon bright moon knife" National Wind Music Festival
The day before the game, the Tencent "Horizon moon knife" 2nd Anniversary interactive conference, Tencent Inc said they have invited Taohuawu woodcut New Year paintings of national representative inheritors for real Zhida online "Horizon moon knife" custom theme "only China Wind" wood painting years gift, publish the works will be held in the Tencent in August this year, the "Horizon moon knife - the country wind music festival". In addition to woodcut, Tencent also will prepare embroidery, censhi antique wooden boat and a series of non genetic elements into IP to create the game, let these have been in the history of traditional crafts with sparkling in the game back to life.
Non heritage help game IP depth development
In the pan entertainment era, the game has become one of the most people entertainment, as the "king of glory" "onmyoji" "hero alliance" "and" the horizon moon knife and Mobile Games not only has a large number of online game player, and each issued new roles and skills are able to set off in the online discussion. Therefore, how to fully and quickly polymerization fans and popularity, to create high-quality IP has become the game company focused on thinking and discussion of the problem. In cooperation with the Suzhou Taohuawu woodcut New Year paintings heritage Fang Zhida development line derivatives and hold the "Horizon moon knife - China Wind Music Festival" is the Tencent for the game IP increase the cultural connotation and the line extends the depth of trying to make.

"From the country support program," the best in all the land of wind heart Ji 'bird's nest' concert to the horizon moon knife "in the wind to the carnival and the real Zhida cooperative development game derivatives, Tencent continues to try new content, in order to make the" Horizon moon knife "of this game IP is more fulfilling. Instead of using traditional culture as a gimmick, we hope to add a cultural heritage and uniqueness to the game through the integration with the intangible cultural heritage." In this "Tianya moon knife" 2nd Anniversary interactive conference activities, the relevant person in charge of the Tencent Inc introduced "Tianya moon knife" in the game IP build on the attempt and efforts.《天涯明月刀》国风音乐盛典





Taohuawu Suzhou Wood New Year pictures
Suzhou Taohuawu woodcut New Year paintings in 2006 was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage, is one of China's three major woodcut New Year paintings, woodblock printing process of the wood New Year paintings from the Song Dynasty, illustrated by figure evolved to become the Ming Dynasty folk art genre, forming a unique style, have so far the development history of hundreds of years. With the continuous progress and development of the times, the contents and functions of the woodblock New Year pictures have been gradually faded. Nowadays, woodcut New Year pictures are more appreciated and collected by the public in the form of art. By combining with the game IP, on the one hand adds the elements of traditional Chinese culture and heritage for the game, on the other hand, with this form of the game board New Year paintings derivatives have been recognized also can make the game player, more young people to contact and understanding of our intangible cultural heritage." Beijing entertainment creators Culture Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "entertainment") CEO Gao Dongxu in an interview with reporters said.
Welcome users to upgrade and provide new ideas for IP operation
"Why the horizon moon knife" can become attached with Suzhou Taohuawu woodcut New Year paintings, and put it into the depth of the development of the game IP, which also benefited from the cooperation in the entertainment and imagination. "Although many IP have been fired in recent years, there are many cultural enterprises, including literature, games and many other cultural enterprises, which have different pain points and needs in the operation and marketing of IP. "Horizon moon knife" of this game Tencent as an example, although as a classic online games, it has developed more mature, but the line of derivatives development and IP depth operation there is a huge space, so it is imperative to find a new starting point." Gao Dongxu expresses.

Indeed, from the overall development of the current cultural industries, cultural enterprises in the construction and cultivation of IP are faced with two types of problems. One is for small and medium-sized enterprises want to foster a new culture of IP, in the same type of IP, but already after years of accumulation and accumulation, the head of IP itself polymerization fans stronger, the possibility of having to achieve higher commercial value. Occupy the market in these more mature development of the IP, in the capital and financial pressure is limited, the new head of how IP has become a major problem facing the development of small and medium-sized enterprise culture; on the other hand and online games "Horizon moon knife" IP development situation is similar, based on the mature IP the existing user, need to find a new starting point and development direction to maintain vitality.苏州桃花坞木板年画


迎接用户消费升级 提供IP运营新思路



In the entertainment creative corporate culture

"In order to conform to the current user consumption upgrade trend, at the same time as the IP development to find new ideas, the entertainment creators are working to promote the intangible cultural heritage and the integration of the development of various types of IP. The connotation and details of the traditional culture itself are very rich, which can provide fertile soil and nutrients for the growth of IP. For example, in addition to the woodcut year, the purple sculpture, ceramic technology and so on, can also be used as the bearer of IP derivatives. To promote the integration of development at the same time, we also try and operation mechanism, commercial complex Internet service establishments, game entertainment venues such as cooperation, for the different IP content development scene corresponding marketing programs, through a combination of online and offline, and formed a complete system of IP development and growth." Gao Dongxu says.中娱创想企业文化