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The most popular Ubisoft "forex21" series of games may not be welcome, but it is part of naval commendable. Early game player to the sea, part of the forex21 proposal Ubisoft made a separate game in 2014, Ubisoft did issue a battle but the assassin's Creed Mobile Games, only minor. What people are really looking forward to is still naval warfare on the host /PC.育碧的《forex21》可能不是系列中最受迎接的游戏,但它的海战部分却为人称道。早就有玩家提议育碧把forex21的海上部分做成零丁的游戏,育碧在 2014 年也确实发行了一款刺客信条海战手游,不过那也只能算小打小闹。人们真正期待的仍然是主机/PC 上的海战鸿文。

Now, a 3A game focused on piracy has finally appeared at E3. Singapore, Ubisoft studios coming on sale around the platform at the beginning of 2018 "forex21", but not the highlight of the conference is the Ubisoft, E3 for the new IP number.现在这样一部聚焦于海盗之争的 3A 游戏终于在 E3 亮相了。育碧新加坡工作室开辟、即将在 2018 岁首年月于全平台发售的《forex21》,不只是育碧宣布会的亮点,也是全部 E3 为数不多的新 IP。

From the CG preview and media trials, this is an open world, "tank world."". Navigation and combat operations with "forex21" almost, even the ubiquitous barcarolle. Optional ships are more diverse, ranging from long ranges, loaded guns, and from intrepid ships to light, fast boats. Each pirate gets a ship at the start, but gradually collects other ships. Factors affecting the battle include wind speed and ocean currents at sea.从 CG 预告和媒体试玩来看,这是一款开放世界的海上"坦克世界"。航行和战斗操作与《forex21》差不多,甚至还有无处不在的船歌。可选船只更多样,从射程长、装载加农炮的无畏舰,到轻而快的小艇。每个海盗在起步会获得一艘船,但会逐渐汇集 到其他船只。影响战斗的身分还包括海上的风速和洋流。

Players can operate individually or in multiplayer PVP mode. The PVP model is known as "trophy hunting."". Two each team game player led 5 ships to take treasure, at the same time trying to sink each other.玩家可以零丁操作,也可以介入多人 PVP 模式。PVP 模式被称为"战利品猎取"。两支玩家部队各率领 5 艘船抢夺财宝,同时想办法弄沉对方。

In addition to ranged attacks, boarding is also possible. However, unlike "forex21", the boarding performance is more like execution animation. And at the end of the hunt, pirate hunters will come in and hunt down the most valuable ships. Other ships in the team may have to sacrifice themselves to save the ship, because the number of treasures to be laid down is not the number of surviving ships. In this way it encourages maximum team cooperation.除了远程进击外,也可以接近登船。不过和《forex21》中亲自登船厮杀不合,该作中的登船表现得更像是处决技动画。而在猎捕尾声,海盗猎人会出场追杀财宝数目最多的船只。部队中的其他船也许需要就义自己拯救主舰,因为奠定胜利的是宝藏数而不是幸存船只数。它用这种方法鼓励最大限度的队内合作。

What is worrying is that if the game is based on PVP, a single story rich in content is probably impossible. A lot of people said that although the picture is good, but if there is no single story line, they refuse to buy, it might as well re play the "forex21". But for those eager to compete with other players, it could be a must play next year.今朝人们担心的是,假如游戏是以 PVP 为主体,那么一个内容丰富的单线故事也许是弗成能的了。有不少人表示,尽管画面不错,但假如没有单人剧情线,他们拒绝购买,还不如重玩一遍《forex21》。然则对于急切愿望与其他玩家海上对决的人来说,它可能是明年的必玩项目。

Unlike forex21, which is full of explosions and fireworks, Xbox One and Win 10 exclusive forex21 seem to be more fun than competition, style, cartoon humor, and more content than naval warfare.和充满爆炸与炊火的《forex21》不合,Xbox One 和 Win 10 独有的《forex21》看起来乐趣多于竞争,风格卡通幽默,内容也比海战加倍丰富。


In this full of all possible "open to the world, you and your teammates on the same boat basically can do anything: jumped into the sea to explore the wreck, search items, likely to be the great white shark eat; according to the map to find the unknown island, island adventure, and skeleton fight; sneaked into the cave found lost back to civilization, cursed treasure, team escape Island, and with another team to combat pirates harassment.在这个"充满所有可能"的开放世界,你和你同一条船上的队友基本上可以做任何事:跳进海里探索沉船,搜刮物品,可能半途被大白鲨吃掉;根据寻宝图找到无名小岛,登岛探险,与骷髅怪作战;潜入洞穴发明失踪的文明,拿回被诅咒的宝藏,团队协作逃出岛屿,并与前来骚扰的另一队海盗战斗。

With his teammates, sailing, exploring, and fighting, there is a romantic adventure story. And the humorous language that demonstrates the narrator's broken dimension wall has also made many viewers instantly interested in the game and want to buy the Microsoft host for this purpose.和队友们一路航海、探索、战斗,颇有浪漫主义冒险故事的风仪。而演示旁白打破次元墙的幽默说话,也让很多观众瞬间对游戏产生了兴趣,并想为此购买微软主机。

So, it is realistic to battle with Ubisoft game completely different. Here, you can put yourself in the cannon and launch into the opponent's boat and eat bananas to restore your blood. "Forex21" to the game player similar to the RPG system upgrade to become "the sea strongest", build the Armada, "forex21" emphasizes teamwork experience, everyone is the responsibility of the crew to perform different tasks, in order to protect each other to survive.这样看来,它与育碧的现实向海战游戏完全不合。在这里,你可以把自己装进加农炮发射到对方的船上,并且吃香蕉以恢复血量。《forex21》要玩家经由过程类似 RPG 系统的赓续进级成为"海上最强",打造无敌舰队,《forex21》则强调团队协作的体验,每小我都是肩负重任的船员,需要履行不合的义务、保护彼此才能一同生计。