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n fact, strictly speaking, "legend SF" should be regarded as the end tour. Because you want to play, legend SF must first download the micro end, and with the micro side slowly read the game content, the total size of the game should be around 300M.
Also because of "legend SF" game size is enough, so when Xiaobian first play "legend SF" this game, and even as a "online games" masterpiece. Since legend SF has such a unique feel for small pieces, can the 2013 web page shine differently today?




Compared with most web games on the market, legendary SF has enough size to get rid of them. In addition, the game's dynamic flow effect is also seen in the most small series, in fact, simple, this game 4 years ago, in the scene details still worth today's page tour, you need to learn.
In fact, from the point of view of web games, Xiao Bian is unable to find anything wrong with the "legend SF" picture, because there is not much of the current page tour, which is better than "legendary SF". But small advice you to download the full client 300m directly when downloading the game here, otherwise because of "the legend of SF" game content read slowly, the game will often appear Caton or the phenomenon of incomplete display.




In contrast to the legendary SF game picture, it is the combat system of the game. First of all, the legendary SF fighting skills are not gorgeous, and even felt a trace of "Jerry built" mean. For example, the sword's "cloud deep seven shadow" skill was originally a skill like a meteorite drop. But the actual effect is a second meteor in the sky, the next second will direct the teleport to the ground, do not see the effect of drop from the clouds. Ignorance of the producers or mere laziness?.与《传奇sf》游戏画面形成鲜明对比的,就是游戏的战斗系统。首先《传奇sf》战斗时的技能并不华丽,甚至还感觉到了一丝“偷工减料”的意思。举例来说,剑仙的【云深七重影】技能原本是一个如同陨石天降的技能。不过实际效果却是陨石上一秒在天上,下一秒就直接瞬移到地面上了,完全看不出从天而降的效果。不知是制作方的疏忽,还是单纯的偷懒。



"The legend of SF", a total of four total occupation game player choice, respectively is the Sword Fairy, Joan, magic, Russian war. Popular point of view is: soldiers, wizards, meat shields, assassins, belong to a typical type of professional match.
There's nothing to say about career choices, but there's a very humane choice in career choices, that is, a customized hairstyle. In the final analysis, this is an ordinary to the ultimate function, but if everyone in the industry does not have this function, "legendary SF" outshine others, it is worth a point for praise.




Whether page tour or end tour, as a "eating guy" consumer system is absolutely impossible. In "the legend of SF" in the game, VIP, the first charge, charge cards, tired rebates are an essential part of. Especially the first charge, it is often "appear" in the player's vision.
Of course, if you want to make a difference in the game, the first charge is fine, as long as the economic strength is enough.



"Legend SF" is a small play, so far so far, the most expressive picture of the game. Of course, this is only limited to the field of page tour. In fact, a game to do well, pay more attention to detail, certainly not wrong, just like "legendary SF" in the custom hair style. Although legendary SF needs to be perfected, there are many, but that does not prevent it from becoming a destination for other page tours.《传奇sf》算是小编玩到目前玩到目前为止,画面表现力最值得说道的游戏。当然,这也仅仅只限于页游领域中。其实一款游戏想要做好,多注重细节肯定不会错,就如同《传奇sf》里的自定义发型一样。虽然《传奇sf》需要完善的地方也有很多,但这也不妨碍它成为其他页游学习的目标。