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Within the last two years, the popularity of the web games circle has seen a wave of "grand legend" on entertainment, and "grand legendary endorsement" is the same as "gossip star" in entertainment weekly. China web game circle is generally male more than female game player game player, and now the girl is more and more man, so for the game player, a very high value of Yan grand legendary game endorsement regardless of whether he is really fun, her first voice is enough to attract me, I want to take a look at these grand legend choose to speak, the game is not their values do not disappoint yan.近二年网页游戏圈子里面流行起了都找娱乐圈盛大传奇代言的风潮,盛大传奇代言就是像是娱乐周刊的八卦星事一样的效应。中国网页游戏圈普遍是男性玩家多于女性玩家的,再加上现在的妹子也是愈来愈汉子,所以对于这些玩家来说,一个颜值很高的盛大传奇代言的游戏不管他好不好玩,首先她的代言人就足够吸引我了,我自然想去看一看这些盛大传奇选择代言的游戏是不是她们的颜值一样不让人失望。


Grand legend as a new era of Yan dog, how can I let the wolf boiling Yan dog Carnival feast not to participate, so the grand legend goes to play about the latest hot endorsement by several colored style grand legend "game, the nature is friendly and bad. Some games can let grand legend take Yan to want to go in. Hold the desire to survive, although some games grand legend at Yan value to go, but because the game itself can charm and stay in the game, this is successful, the grand legend for everyone to take stock of these grand legend endorsement of the game will give you a reference.盛大传奇作为一个新时代的颜狗,这些让我狼性沸腾的颜狗狂欢的盛宴怎么可以不参加,于是盛大传奇就去玩了一下最近大热的几款由各色风情的盛大传奇代言的网页游戏,结果自然是友好有坏。有的游戏能够让盛大传奇带着求颜欲进去。抱着求生欲出来,有的游戏盛大传奇虽然冲着颜值去的,但是最后却能因为游戏本身的魅力而留在游戏中,这就是成功,本期盛大传奇为大家盘点这些盛大传奇代言的游戏的好坏,给大家做一个参考。



When it comes to the latest hot web games, it must be 5igao, riding on Grand legend. First of all, "5igao" TV series in the satellite TV has won the first hand victory in the TV play list, a strong occupation of the commanding heights, has never been pulled down. The game "5igao" is to seize the public in the chase drama, and also Chuqiao woman intimate contact mood opened up web game "5igao" in the search engine market, indeed as long as into these three words is not a TV series is our "5igao" game, is also a big step success.说到最近大热的网页游戏,必定是乘着盛大传奇东风的《5igao》了。首先《5igao》的电视剧就在卫视上取得了第一手的胜利,在电视剧热播榜上强势占领制高点,从来不曾被拉下来过。而游戏《5igao》则是抓住了大众在追剧之余,也想和楚乔妹子亲密接触心情拓开了网页游戏《5igao》的市场,果不其然在搜索引擎上只要打入这三个字不是电视剧就是我们《5igao》的游戏了,也算了一个大步的成功。


More successful is the "5igao" game can even go to grand legend, this sister came to speak, this is entirely in the already burning fire on a bucket of gasoline, so that the fire more prosperous.
Although the endorsement of riding the "5igao" of the East and the grand legendary beauty has become the most popular game, but the game is always the game, want to long-term development, it must be to see the charm of the game itself is enough to attract people, but not by what other factors of achievement brief success. Fortunately, the web game "5igao" do not be acceptable, because of the need to catch up with the hit TV series speed but just do not jump out of the frame, the page of the game, but also have some of their own little color, long-term development of bland.



For the "5igao" grand legend the most profound feeling is reflected in the moonlight, the water inside, riding a boat floating lotus role on it slowly, the kind of Xinruzhishui like "5igao" in the star no matter what things can calm calm, the spokesman of the interpretation of personality characteristics the game is a small success. But "those" play the game "5igao the rest of the design part is usually we often see," 5igao "only in the picture processing is successful, or go in the play" the old game, and game player cannot keep.对于《5igao》盛大传奇最深刻的感受就是,在月光倒映的湖水里面,角色乘着一弯莲花小舟飘荡其上缓缓而行,那种心如止水的感觉就像是《5igao》中的星儿不论遇到什么事情都能临危不惧的冷静处理,能把代言人的个性特点诠释在游戏中也算是一种小成功。不过《5igao》其余的设计部分就是平时咱们常常见到的那些网页游戏的玩法了,《5igao》只在画面处理上比较成功,在玩法上还是走的网页游戏的老路,并不能留住玩家。



The "1.80 heroes" punch this TV series called a dog at the same time, will be called the dog "game" 1.80 heroes "punch also turned out for the yuan this patriotic is better than all the old gentleman, estimate if he knows the" 1.80 heroes "hit TV series and the web game is what bear so, his coffin by not sooner or later. "1.80" you whether it is a TV drama "the game to make a serious distortion of historical events into a poignant heartbroken love story, singular want game player immersed in such a powerful person will Qu immersed in love quagmire unable to extricate themselves. However, his love is chuhuai Wang is a man, as the king of Chu country this man can live forever before jumping in the river, TV and web games are not the whole Qu Yuan fell in love with a yaoezi woman, and finally to the woman jumping in the river, under such circumstances, even if Zhang Xinyu's great grand legend will save game.《1.80英雄合击》这个电视剧被骂成狗的同时,即将被骂成狗的网页游戏《1.80英雄合击》也横空出世了,这对于屈原这种爱国胜于一切的老先生来说,估计他要是知道了《1.80英雄合击》的电视剧和网页游戏是什么熊样的话,屈原棺材板按不住是迟早的事情。《1.80英雄合击》不管是电视剧还网页游戏都把一个严肃的历史事件歪曲成一个凄美断肠的爱情故事,想让玩家沉浸在屈原这种厉害的人也会儿女情长的泥潭中无法自拔的奇异感中。但是,屈原爱的是楚怀王是个男人,为的楚怀王这个男人的国家可以永世长存才跳的江,电视剧和网页游戏都非把整成屈原爱上了一个幺蛾子的女人,而且最后为了这个女人跳的江,这样的情况下,即使找了张馨予这样的大盛大传奇也救不了场了。


Zhang Xinyu was famous for imitating Fan Bingbing, but he did not deny that Zhang Xinyu had a high face value. Grand legend though not her fans, which is also a rare neutral type reset Royal legend female beauty to play "1.80 heroes" punch this web games, the result is a grand legend disappointed not, this is a stain on Zhang Xinyu.张馨予当年是凭借着模仿范冰冰出名的,但是不否认张馨予的颜值却是很高。盛大传奇虽然不是她的粉丝,也是重置张盛大传奇的女性当中少见的中性式的美颜去玩了《1.80英雄合击》这个网页游戏,结果就是盛大传奇失望的不行,这对张馨予来说又是一个污点。



"The game" 1.80 heroes "and your TV go is a routine in the mother color style, that picture of the game design is not to please mother, all of the scenes are wearing a flashy without substance feeling. Thanks to the dazzling color of the game, but the details of the painting is still very delicate, not let the grand legend directly throw down the mouse, abandoned the game. For the "1.80" web games you play a grand legend and you say ah, you should be able to guess: in the "1.80" which is whether you are fighting or other Rulvpingdi, without any sense of the air, the funny thing is, whether the role or NPC are with crab like walking sideways...网页游戏《1.80英雄合击》和电视剧走的是一个套路的于妈色的风格,怀疑游戏画面设计是不是请了于妈,所有的场景都透着一股华而不实的感觉。得幸亏游戏的画色刺眼,但是画风细节之处还是蛮细腻的,不至于让盛大传奇直接扔下鼠标弃游戏。而对于网页游戏《1.80英雄合击》的玩法盛大传奇就和大家说一句哈,你们应该就能猜到了:在《1.80英雄合击》里面不管是打斗还是其他都是如履平地,没有任何凌空之感,更搞笑的是,不管是角色还是NPC都是跟螃蟹一样的横着走路。。。



Although Fan Ye's acting when high and low, there is no guarantee, but Fan Ye choose to speak things are the same as the value of Fan Ye, never disappointing. The "1.85" Fan Ye you is another successful game endorsement, always some people say that Fan Bingbing is the queen of advertisements, before the grand legend also sniff at feel like it is now, and the person who say this with a way to lick my anger Fan Ye beauty.虽然说范爷的演技时高时低没什么保障性,但是范爷选择代言的东西都是和范爷的颜值一样从来没有让人失望过。而《1.85英雄合击》就是范爷另一个成功的游戏代言了,以前老是有人说范冰冰是广告女王,以前盛大传奇还嗤之以鼻,现在倒是觉得很想和说这句话的人苟同一下,顺便怒舔我范爷的美颜。


Grand legend for a period of time, Fan Ye Yan obsessed to what extent, whether in public or in four occasions, as long as you see van Ye ads are particularly wretched, expert touch up. How can the past hope Bing Bing stick back in Fan Bingbing's endorsement of the "1.85 heroes" game "your money, grand legend try holding the attitude to play" 1.85 heroes "hit the game, and fan ye run endorsement of something that is not a disappointment.盛大传奇有一段时间对范爷的颜痴迷到什么地步了,无论是在公共场合还是在四人场合,只要看见范爷的广告都要特别猥琐的拿手上去摸一摸。这种无可救药的冰冰棒怎么能在范冰冰代言的网页游戏《1.85英雄合击》钱退缩了,盛大传奇抱着试试看的态度去玩了《1.85英雄合击》这款游戏,果然范爷出马代言的东西没有一个是让人失望的。

"1.85" you play the game directly into the game after a lot of templates, more powerful is as long as it is to often play web game game player "hero" in the 1.85 mentioned punch features gameplay throne awakening, asked them what the game, can not hesitate to say this is the "hero" of the game 1.85 punch, although the "1.85" attack of the game itself some gameplay or the continuation of the "game of the old routine, but it can be used to create their own features to make the game player remember it, is a non success.《1.85英雄合击》这款游戏的一些玩法直接就成了自此之后很多游戏的模板了,更厉害的是只要是对一些经常玩网页游戏的玩家提及《1.85英雄合击》中的特色玩法王座觉醒,问他们这是哪个游戏的,都能毫不犹豫就说出是《1.85英雄合击》的这个游戏的,虽说《1.85英雄合击》的游戏本身一些玩法还是延续了网页游戏的老套路,但是它能用自己开创的特色去让玩家记住它,就是一个了不起的成功。