Capcom——丧尸围城 丧尸围城

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Capcom似乎在开发一个新的《丧尸围城》游戏。Capcom seems to be developing a new zombie besieged game.


今天早些时候Capcom宣布他们将于7月31日关闭《方块战士》(Capcom温哥华工作室开发),让温哥华工作室专注于他们的主要系列游戏——《丧尸围城》。这基本上意味着一个新的《丧尸围城》游戏,可能是《丧尸围城5》,目前已经在开发中了。Earlier today, Capcom announced that they would close the "square warrior" (Capcom Vancouver Studio development) in July 31st, allowing Vancouver studios to focus on their main series of games, the zombie siege. This basically means a new zombie besieged game, probably the 5 of the zombie besieged city, which is now under development.

《丧尸围城》系列最近一部作品是《丧尸围城4》,于微软E3 2016发布会上首次公布,设定在圣诞节主题的科罗拉多州Willamette镇,一代主角Frank West回归。本作2016年12月6日发售,媒体评价很一般。起初是微软Xbox One独占,Steam版2017年3月发售,PS4版2017年12月5日发售。The last piece of the zombie siege series, "zombie siege 4", was first announced at Microsoft E3 2016, set on the Christmas theme in Willamette, Colorado, a generation of Frank West. This is for sale in December 6, 2016. The media evaluation is very general. At first, Microsoft Xbox One was monopolized, the Steam version was launched in March 2017, and the PS4 version was launched in December 5, 2017.

《丧尸围城4》销量并没有达到官方预期,最近一次更新是在2017年12月。自此之后,Capcom再也没有推出任何新的更新或内容。因此可以肯定的说,温哥华工作室已经放弃了《丧尸围城4》转而开发一个新作了。The sale of zombie besieged 4 is not up to official expectations. The latest update was in December 2017. Since then, Capcom has never released any new updates or content. Therefore, it is safe to say that Vancouver studio has abandoned the "zombie besieged city 4" to develop a new work.

或许今年的E3上我们会看到官方公布。Maybe we will see the official announcement on E3 this year.


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