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      • 1200sf 怪物世界 没有计划

        作者:迷失传奇 来源:http://1200sf.com 发布时间:18-04-11 04:56:50 浏览量:

        每款 1200sf   Monster  Hunter  《怪物猎人  》系列的重点作品在上市的一年或一段时间后,都会推出一个加强版  「G」  。这个加强版通常都会更新游戏的机制  、带来一些游戏质量的改动  、加入一些全新的怪物以及加入    G-Rank  任务  。Every key works of monster hunter will launch a strengthened version of "G" after a year or a time. This enhanced version will usually update the game mechanism, bring some game quality changes, join some new monsters, and join the G-Rank task.

        随着系列新作    Monster  Hunter  World  《怪物猎人:世界  》的成功,并在游戏主机上有着许多数字服务的基础,加强版可能会以扩充内容的形式推出,对吧?就算真的如此,Capcom  目前似乎还不想讨论这点  。在与  GameSpot  的访谈中,  《怪物猎人:世界  》制作人德田优也表示以目前来说,Capcom  想要将计划专注在现存的  《怪物猎人:世界  》游戏本身  。With the success of a series of new Monster Hunter World "monster Hunters: the world" and the foundation of many digital services on the game host, the strengthened version may be launched in the form of expanded content, right? Even so, Capcom doesn't seem to want to discuss this at the moment. In an interview with GameSpot, "the Monster Hunter: the world" producer Tokuda Yuya said Capcom wanted to focus the plan on the existing Monster Hunter: the world game itself.

        「我们正专注在持续支持目前这款游戏,为其持续推出上市后更新内容以及  DLC  。我们将会定期推出全新内容以及各种更新,而我们也正在准备许多全新的任务  。我们已经在不久之前推出了  《怪物猎人:世界  》的第一个大型更新内容,带回了系列经典的怪物-恐暴龙,所有  《怪物猎人:世界  》玩家都能透过免费更新获得  。除此之外还有许多全新内容正在开发中,所以还请各位密切注意接下来的消息  。」他在访谈中表示  。"We are concentrating on supporting the current game continuously, updating its post marketing updates and DLC. We will introduce new contents and updates regularly, and we are preparing many new tasks. We have recently launched the first big update of the Monster Hunter: the world, bringing back a series of classic monster tyrannosaurs, and all "Monster Hunter: World" players can get the free update through free updates. Besides, there are many new contents being developed, so please pay close attention to the next news. "He said in an interview," he said in an interview.

        在被问到这些之后的更新内容计划中有没有包含    G-Rank  任务时,他则回答:「目前我还不能透露太多  。」When asked whether these updated content plans contained G-Rank tasks, he replied, "at present, I can't reveal too much. "

        希望  Capcom  能够持续加强  《怪物猎人:世界  》,并在目前依然不知道会不会有的  《怪物猎人:世界  G  》有消息之前持续针对多人游玩运作方式等内容做出各种改善  。Hope to continue to strengthen "Monster Hunter: the world", and still do not know whether there will be "Monster Hunter: the world G" before the news continues to make a variety of improvements on the way many people play.

          《怪物猎人:世界  》现正于  PS4  以及  Xbox  One  平台热卖中,而  PC  版本则预计将于今年秋季推出  。Monster Hunter: the world is now on sale in PS4 and Xbox One platform, and PC version is expected to be launched this autumn.