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  核心提示:新开传奇网站 血剑任务简述我们都是勇敢的斗士,在天尊的指引下,来到了森林迷宫!Beijing is the sword of task we are brave fighters, in, under the guidance of the forest came to the maze! 在这里天尊让我们要做的任务是灭掉那只蜘蛛,然后才可以继续以后的事情。Here, let us do the task is to destroy...

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新开传奇网站血剑任务简述我们都是勇敢的斗士,在天尊的指引下,来到了森林迷宫!Beijing is the sword of task we are brave fighters, in, under the guidance of the forest came to the maze!

在这里天尊让我们要做的任务是灭掉那只蜘蛛,然后才可以继续以后的事情。Here, let us do the task is to destroy the spider, and then can continue after the thing.

灭掉蜘蛛以后,我们会向天尊复命,天尊继续引导你去完成以后的任务。直到你拿到血剑为止。Exterminate spider, we will continue to report to the inside, inside to guide you to after the completion of the task. Until you get the sword so far.

相信大多玩家都作了这个任务。就不一一赘述了。It is believed that most of the players have done this task. I don't say anything about it.

梦幻衣服任务——血剑任务续Dream clothes - Sword continued task task

尽管赤月恶魔已经被困在谷底无法移动,但其邪咒和魔力仍然影响着所有的怪物以及宝物,使它们的威力无法完全施展,终日处于压抑之中,甚至有些一直被限制在地底。Although the Chek - Moon devil has been trapped at the bottom of the valley, its mantra and magic still affect all the monsters and treasures, so that their power can not be fully applied, all the time is depressed, and even some of them have been confined to the bottom.

由于勇敢的人们在寻找道门至宝“破关珍剑”时最终除去了赤月恶魔,使得这些被邪咒控制的怪物终于得以解脱,再加上同样得到解脱的宝物的作用,部分怪物开始发生了变异,甚至有些突破了限制,从地底钻出,从而使人类发现地底居然还有一片天地,还隐藏着那许多的怪物和宝物。As the brave men finally removed the Chek moon demons in the search for the supreme treasure of the gate, the monsters controlled by the evil mantra were finally relieved, and the role of the treasures of the same relief, and some of the monsters began to mutate, even some breakthroughs, from the bottom, to the human being. It is found that there is still a heaven and earth in the bottom, and there are many monsters and treasures hidden.

精通道术的天尊首先察觉到了这个变化,预感到天地将发生巨变,于是安排一些勇士前去探察究竟,并将有异动的怪物铲除,以维护人类的安宁。The master of Taoism was first aware of this change, predisposed to a great change in heaven and earth, so that some warriors were arranged to find out, and a strange creature would be removed to safeguard human peace.

任务首先从沃玛寺庙查起,至祖玛、死亡棺材,最终查明异常是出现在石墓八层……The first task from the woma temple to check, to Zuma, to finally find out the abnormal death coffin, appeared in the tomb eight......

当然,在查的过程中,必须除掉各处的怪物首领(沃玛教主、祖玛教主、邪恶蜈蚣、变异白野猪)。Of course, in the process of checking, we must rid the monster chieftain (Verma, Zuma, the evil centipede, and the variant Bai Yezhu).

任务中自始至终的道具是血剑,就是说必须使用血剑去杀教主方才有效,而血剑虽然无法取下,但是,人物一旦死亡,血剑会自然消失。From the beginning to the end of the task is a blood sword, that is to say that the use of blood swords to kill the teacher is effective, while the blood swords can not be taken down, but once the characters die, the blood sword will disappear naturally.

所以在整个过程中必须保证不能死亡,否则失了血剑,任务将无法继续。So in the whole process must ensure not to death, or the Lost Sword, will not be able to continue the task.

在打掉沃玛教主后,需要拿到沃玛号角去打祖玛教主,否则无效,同样,要带着祖玛头像去杀邪恶蜈蚣。最后在猪八杀掉变异小白后向天尊复命。After we destroy Verma, we need to get the horn of Verma to play the role of Zuma. Otherwise, it is useless. Similarly, we must take the head of Zuma to kill the evil centipede. At the end of eight mice to kill pig mutation inside it.

天尊看到你圆满完成任务并带着血剑来见他时,会奖励你一件梦幻衣服,同时帮你将血剑换成梦幻之刃。When Tian saw that you had successfully completed the task and saw him with a blood sword, he would reward you with a dream suit and help you transform the blood sword into a dream blade.

45级衣服的获取The acquisition of 45 level clothes

在做完梦幻衣服后,至天尊处,天尊会要求你拿出一套银域首饰(包括项链、手镯、戒指各一),然后安排服装店的老板进行加工。After finishing the dream clothes, to the heaven, heaven will ask you to take out a set of silver jewelry (including necklaces, bracelets, rings, each), and then arrange the owner of the clothing store to process it.

在找到服装店老板时,向老板提供你的梦幻衣服,服装店老板会将加工好的银域镶到你的衣服上,从而加工出新的衣服。When you find the owner of a clothing store, provide your boss with your dream clothes. The owner of the clothing store will insert the processed silver field into your clothes to process new clothes.


金刚战甲的获取The acquisition of the diamond war a

在很久以前,苍月岛上长满了栗子树,果实甘美。A long time ago, the island is covered with chestnut trees, sweet fruit.

据说有一位仙人来到了岛上,吃了一颗。那粒种子后来长成了颗神奇的树,只结两种果实,每一千年结一个银色的栗子,每五千年结一个金色的果实。It is said that a fairy came to the island and ate one. The seed later grew into a magical tree. It only had two kinds of fruit. Every one thousand years, it had a silver chestnut, and it had a golden fruit every five thousand years.

这两种果实被当时的人们称为金栗子和银栗子,吃了它们可以使人功力大增。These two fruits were called golden chestnuts and silver chestnuts by people at that time, and eating them can make people's power increase greatly.

人们发现金银栗子还有一种特殊的功效:用它们的汁液浸泡盔甲,能够制出坚固且威力无比的战甲,穿着它的人几乎到了金刚不坏的程度。It has been found that the golden chestnuts have a special effect: their juices are soaked in armor to make a strong and powerful armour, and the people in it are almost to the extent of the golden gang.

人们就把这种战甲称为金刚战甲,并组成了所向披靡、战无不胜的金刚战队。People put this armor called adamantine armor, and the invincible, invincible King Kong.


在那次毁灭性的大爆炸后,随着人类文明的消亡,苍月岛的栗子树也毁灭怠尽,连那颗神奇的树也不能幸免。After the devastating big bang, with the demise of human civilization, the chestnut tree on the moon island was also destroyed. Even the magic tree could not be spared.

人类在重建了家园后,一直期望着能够找回前人类的文明,在这个过程中逐渐发现当时金刚战队所用的各种饰品,但武器和盔甲一直成了一个迷。After the reconstruction of their homes, human beings have been expecting to find the civilization of the former human beings. In this process, they gradually discovered the various ornaments used by the golden gang at that time, but the weapons and armor have been a mystery.


最近,有人发现了金银栗子的消息,并且找到了制作金刚战甲的方法。Recently, someone discovered the news of gold and silver chestnuts, and found a way to make diamond armour.

据说在宝树销毁后,仍然留下了仅有的几颗宝栗。It is said that in the Baoshu destroyed, still leave a few only Bao li.

其中的几颗被牛魔王获得,听说是藏在了身边的宝箱中。Some of them are demon, that is hidden in the side of the chest.

另外的几颗在国王手中,当年公主不幸患病不治后被放在灵柩内保护遗体以使公主容颜不改。The other few were in the king's hands. Unfortunately, when the princess was ill, she was put in a coffin to protect the princess's face.

有几个妖怪也得知了这事,已经提前赶到了丽人古墓,偷走了宝栗,听说国王已经发出号令夺回宝栗,并且将会把宝栗作为奖品奖给击败妖怪的勇士。Several monsters have also learned about it. They have already arrived in the ancient tomb of the Li people and stole the chestnut. It is heard that the king has issued a decree to take back the chestnut, and he will be awarded the prize to the warrior who defeated the monster.

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