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      • 《GTA 5》——难以逾越 传奇sf 荒野镖客

        作者:迷失传奇 来源:http://1200sf.com 发布时间:18-04-10 09:22:36 浏览量:

        传奇私服发布网凭借超过9000万套的出货量,Rockstar的《GTA 5》从商业角度而言是历史上最成功的游戏之一。该工作室由Take-Two所有,母公司是一家上市公司,所以很自然地,投资者们都在寻找更大的热点。With more than 90 million sets of shipments, Rockstar's GTA 5 is one of the most successful Games in history from a commercial perspective. The studio is owned by Take-Two, the parent company is a listed company, so naturally investors are looking for more hot spots.


        《GTA 6》能否比前代做得更好?这仍有待观察,但一位分析师认为《GTA 5》是Rockstar的成就难以超越。Whether GTA 6 can do better than the previous generation remains to be seen, but one analyst thinks that GTA 5 is the achievement of Rockstar, which is hard to surpass.

        Rockstar的下一款大型游戏是《荒野大镖客2》,该游戏将于10月份发布,登陆PlayStation 4和Xbox One。这款游戏肯定会取得巨大成功,但Cowen&Company分析师Doug Creutz认为它不会像《GTA 5》一样大卖。The next big game of Rockstar is wilderness 2. This game will be released in October, landing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is bound to be a great success, but Cowen&Company analyst Doug Creutz thinks it will not sell like GTA 5.

        “这并不是说Rockstar不会再推出热门游戏了,只是不可能达到《GTA 5》的水平。迈克尔杰克逊也有很多热门专辑,但他只有一张'颤慄'。”"This is not to say that Rockstar will not launch popular games anymore, but it is impossible to achieve the level of GTA 5. Michael Jackson also has many popular albums, but he has only one shudder.

        总体而言,Creutz表示,他认为《GTA 5》在游戏市场是一个“疯狂的离群点”。近年来,游戏公司已经拒绝分享他们游戏的销售数据,但可以肯定的说,在很多年的时间里,没有其他的游戏产品会像《GTA 5》一样在商业上取得成功。Creutz评论说,《GTA 5》带来了60亿美元的收入,使其成为历史上最成功的娱乐产品,尽管没有硬数据可以提供支持。Overall, Creutz said he thought GTA 5 was a "crazy outlier" in the game market. In recent years, game companies have refused to share the sales data of their games, but it is certain that in many years, no other game products will be commercially successful as "GTA 5". Creutz commented that GTA 5 brought about $6 billion in revenue, making it the most successful entertainment product in history, although no hard data could be supported.


        事实上,《GTA 5》可能是一个独特的案例。它最初于2013年登陆了Xbox 360和PlayStation 3,随后在PC,Xbox One和PlayStation 4上发布。它在Xbox 360 / PS3一代的尾声中发布,这对于游戏来说非常有用。它登陆了一个庞大的安装基础的主机平台,这无疑有助于促进销售。In fact, "GTA 5" may be a unique case. It first landed on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2013, and then released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It is released at the end of the Xbox 360 / PS3 generation, which is very useful for games. It has landed on a large installed base host platform, which undoubtedly helps to promote sales.

        相比之下,《荒野大镖客2》只会在PS4和Xbox One上发布,因此,它有一个相对较小的市场来销售。话虽如此,这款游戏仍然可能非常畅销。 2016年,Cowen&Company表示,它预计游戏将有1500万的销售额。In contrast, the wild beast 2 will only be released on PS4 and Xbox One, so it has a relatively small market to sell. Nevertheless, this game may still sell well. In 2016, Cowen&Company said it expected that the game would have 15 million sales.

        即使未来的Rockstar游戏的销售不会超过9000万套,《荒野大镖客2》或《GTA 6》仍然可以通过其他方式在商业上取得成功。Take-Two希望在其所有游戏中都有某种形式的微交易,并且鉴于他们在《GTA 5》中获得的巨大成功和丰厚利润,这种商业模式也将随着Rockstar未来的游戏而增长。Even if there will be no more than 90 million sales of future Rockstar games, the wild Bodyguard 2 or the GTA 6 can still be commercially successful in other ways. Take-Two hopes to have some form of Micro Trading in all of its games, and this business model will grow with the future of Rockstar in view of the huge success and profits they have gained in GTA 5.